What do you get when you bring together an eclectic group of people who love great beer, exceptional food, creative genius, life-altering adventure and the State of New Jersey? A gathering of experts recognized for their vast and diverse experiences in all sectors of the brewing industry?

New JerseyBREW, that's what!

A magazine dedicated to all things brewing in the Garden State. Of course our driving force is beer and the ever growing craft brewing scene in Jersey, but we don't stop there. Is there a boutique pub, or shop or business that might make a trip more memorable? Are there new tastes and experiences waiting to be explored? Do we ask a lot of questions? Yes we do! It's our job, after all! 

At NJ BREWwe seek out those unique stories that interest YOU. You know who you are - a lover of all things awesome, a traveler, an expert, an explorer. Join us on an inspired journey of enlightenment, from beer to food to fantastic excursions. We provide the New Jersey audience with some necessary tools to enjoy a life fulfilled.

From issue to issue, our staff of nationally known writers brings you a dazzling collection of stories from across the brewing world. From the latest trends in beer and every other potent potable, we transport New Jersey residents to lands of wonder – the places you need to visit on your next crawl.

Thank you for joining us on our quest for both brewers' and adventurers' gold. We promise, we won't disappoint!

New Jersey BREW

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A Celebration of the Brew Jersey Scene